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Nasal Drops Sterile Saline Drops

Nasal Drops Sterile Saline Drops


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Pack Size: 10ml

Nasosal Drops and Nasosal Spray are made from saline (salt water) solution, which moistens the nasal lining and helps unblock the nose by thinning the mucus build-up. 
Because the saline solution of Nasosal Drops is sterile, it's even safe for newborn babies. 

What is nasal congestion? 
Understanding nasal congestion in babies 
Blocked and stuffy noses (nasal congestion) in babies is usually caused by the normal mucus collecting in the nose, as young children are unable to clear or blow their own nose. In addition, babies and young children can be particularly susceptible to colds and viruses due to their immature immune system; such viruses and infections can worsen nasal congestion. 
Nasal congestion is common in babies, but it can be problematic. That's because babies naturally breathe through their nose rather than their mouth ('obligate nasal breathers').

Blocked nose, feeding and sleeping 
Stuffy, blocked noses can be very frustrating and uncomfortable in babies and young children, making it difficult for them to sleep and eat. In fact, the main reason babies tend to cry at feed time is due to a blocked nose.

Nasosal Drops and Spray start working instantly to quickly ease nasal congestion in babies and children, helping to restore easy breathing, feeding and sleeping.

What can parents/carers do? 
Keep child’s bedroom humid, by placing a bowl of warm water under the radiator. 
Try giving younger babies smaller but more frequent feeds. 
Continue using Nasosal after the congestion has cleared to help prevent future colds.