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Hycosan Extra Eye Drops 7.5ml (Red)

Hycosan Extra Eye Drops 7.5ml (Red)

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Hycosan Extra Hycosan Extra is double the strength of Hycosan and four times more viscous but still with minimal blurring of vision.


This increase in viscosity increases the duration of action, making it ideal for more severe cases of dry eye and a great alternative to eye ointments during the day.

As with the rest of the Hycosan range,

Hycosan Extra is preservative free and is compatible with all contact lenses.

Hycosan Extra uses the unique, patented COMOD system to deliver a preservative free eye drop that is sterile for 6 months after first opening.

This also ensures that just a single calibrated drop is dispensed per click to ensure accurate dosing and less wastage.

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