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Magicool Plus Prickly Heat 150ml

Magicool Plus Prickly Heat 150ml


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Magicool Plus Prickly Heat Spray

Magicool Plus Prickly Heat Spray is clinically proven to treat prickly heat. The self-chilled spray instantly cools and soothes irritated skin to stop the itching and break the itch-scratch cycle.

Magicool Plus Prickly Heat Spray is free from steroids and antihistamins, making it suitable for all ages, including babies from birth and pregnant women, and can be used anywhere on the face and body.

Magicool Plus Prickly Heat Spray combines five anti-itch therapies on one application, for fast, effective relief:
Thermal: Cooling is proven to suppress histamine response, is anti-inflammatory anaesthetises nerve endings soothes the skin.
Mechanical: Provides kinetic pulses similar to TENS, but works much quicker.
Chemical: Adjusts pH and applies skin calming agents.
Hydrotherapy: Provides vital deep cell hydration.
Sterile Lesions Cleaner: Cleanses lesions while applying gentle pressure to remove dead skin tissue and debris.
Hold can at a distance of about 10cm (4''); apply the spray generously or as needed on the itchy and / or irritated area (skin must be bare & cream free) until itching and irritation stop.
Leave untouched to dry.
Close eyes or cover infant's eyes if applying on face.
Reapply as needed. Additionally, spraying the affected area before bedtime, helps give an itch free sleep.
If symptoms persist consult your doctor.
Dimethoxymethane, MEA-Borate, Methoxymethane, Aqua, Allantoin, Gromwell, Ergothioneine, Resveratrol, Methyl Lactate, Tocopheryl Nicotinate, Chlorothymol, Geraniol.
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Magicool Plus Prickly Heat

  • instantly stops and clears skin itching and irritation due to prickly heat.

  • Cools and soothes the skin.

  • Suitable for all ages including infants.

  • Sterile.

  • Non-steroidal.

  • Fragrance free.

  • Preservatives free.

Magicool Plus for treating Prickly Heat is the worlds first and only, safe, self chilled (works without refridgeration) medical device to combine in one potent simultaneous application the following anti-itch and skin calming therapies: Cooling (proven to suppress histamine response), mechanical (Kinetic pulses similar to TENS), chemical (skin calming agents), deep cell hydration (Hydrotherapy) and cleansing of lesions (Sterile). Non invasive, anti-inflammatory, anaesthetises nerve endings. Safe for applying anywhere on the body and face as directed on packaging.