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Forehead lines Treatment

What Are Forehead Lines

Forehead lines are lines and wrinkles in the skin, When you Raise your eyebrows squint, concentrate, frown. Your forehead muscles will contract after year of frequent contraction as well as lifetsyle and enviromental factors whether it be smoking, pollution or sunlight exposure. Overtime this build up with cause wrinkles and lines to appear in the skin.

What Causes Forehead Lines

The main cause of forehead lines/wrinkles is a lack or decrease in production of 2 oroteins found in your skin Elastin & Collagen. These proteins allow for our skins elasticity but Inevitably as we age the rate at which these proteins are produced drops. There are measures that you can put in place which can help ease the build up of Forehead Lines. These include ensuring you have a good skincare routine, Using a good moisturiser, minimising stress.

Forehead Treatment Frequently Asked Questions

Can i prevent Forehead Lines?

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