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FLEXISEQ Sport Gel 100g

FLEXISEQ Sport Gel 100g


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FLEXISEQ® Sport is a long-term solution for sportsmen and women and other active people who wish to protect their joints against friction, wear and tear that might appear in their joints during periods of physical exertion. Applied daily FLEXISEQ Sport can: ◦Lubricates cartilage in your joints ◦Is an effective non-drug product ◦Relieves pain and stiffness of joints FLEXISEQ® Sport Gel is a topically applied, non-drug gel that lubricates damaged surfaces within joints and relieves pain and stiffness. It is clinically proven to be as effective as a prescription painkiller at relieving even chronic osteoarthritic joint pain. FLEXISEQ® Sport meets the demands of athletes, both professional and amateur, and those who exercise, stay fit or simply want to enjoy an active life. FLEXISEQ® Sport is an injection-free biolubricant that maintains active joints that are either compromised by arthritic symptoms or those that are at higher risk of suffering wear and tear. The topically applied gel provides Joint Lubrication Therapy by delivering Sequessome™ vesicles to joints which lubricate the cartilage surfaces to minimise friction and wear. FLEXISEQ® Sport is being used across sporting disciplines as a drug-free solution to joint pain and stiffness as well as an additional step in players’ rehabilitation and after-care. Replacing painkillers (such as commonly used non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs) saves sportsmen and women from the well documented risks of side effects. FLEXISEQ® Sport has been developed in collaboration with top professional sportspeople and sports medical staff, proving itself in some extremely tough scenarios.