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XLS Medical Fat Binder Tablets – 180 Pack

XLS Medical Fat Binder Tablets – 180 Pack


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XLS-Medical Fat Binder is a clinically-proven weight management tablet that binds dietary fat to help weight loss. If you want to lose weight it is essential that you burn more calories than you consume. Therefore, it is recommended that you eat a healthy, balanced diet and take regular, moderate exercise.

XLS-Medical Fat Binder is a proven weight management aid which comes in tablet form. It can support your weight loss efforts as it binds dietary fats in the stomach, preventing that fat from being absorbed by the body.

XLS-Medical Fat Binder does this by absorbing the fat molecules to form a fat-fibre complex. The fat-fibre complex is too large to be absorbed and so is eliminated naturally in your stools when you go to the toilet.
The proven weight loss results are compelling in their own right, but it may also be useful to know that XLS-Medical Fat Binder is both gentle on the system, and also has an established safety profile, making it a very helpful weight management tool. It is unusual to experience any side effects.