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Vagisan Moisturising Cream 50g

Vagisan Moisturising Cream 50g


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Vagisan Moisturising Cream 50g: For relief from the symptoms of vaginal dryness.

Size: 50g
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Vagisan Vaginal Moisturiser: Almost every woman over 40 suffers from vaginal dryness to some extent. Vagisan vaginal moisturiser can help relieves the symptoms of dryness, stinging, itching and painful intercourse.

Vagisan vaginal moisturiser contains no hormones and can therefore be used at the same time as hormone replacement therapies or treatments for menopause. Vagisan has a ph 4.5, helping maintain the natural ph balance of the vagina.

Vagisan vaginal moisturiser can also be used to help facilitate sexual intercourse otherwise impeded by dryness. It is safe to use with condoms and will not affect the ability conceive.