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Care+ Cystitis Relief Sachets

Care+ Cystitis Relief Sachets


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Cystitis Relief Sachets are used in the treatment of cystitis. Cystitis is an inflammation of the bladder, which is often caused by infection with the bacteria Escherichia coli (E. coli). Cystitis is usually accompanied by the desire to pass urine frequently, with a degree of burning. More severe attacks are associated with a cramp-like pain in the lower abdomen even after the bladder has been emptied.

When there is an infection in the urinary tract, the bacteria in the bladder create an acidic environment that helps them to grow and multiply rapidly. As a result, the urine becomes more acidic making it very painful to pass urine. Bicarbonates and citrates sucg as Cystitis Relief Sachets act by neutralizing the acid present and so decreasing the acidity of the urine. This relieves the discomfort of passing urine and also makes the environment less suitable for the survival of the infecting bacteria. As a result the bacteria die, reducing the symptoms of the inflammation and clearing up the infection.

Who gets Cystitis?

Any woman can suffer from cystitis but some are more prone to this condition, for example:

    • Younger women (who may be prone to more sexual activity)
    • The elderly (who may be less mobile or have more difficulty emptying their bladder)
    • Pregnant women (whose body changes can make them prone to urinary infections)
    • Post-menopausal women (who may experience vaginal dryness causing soreness and irritation during sexual intercourse)
    • Men and children can get cystitis too, but this is much less common, and in such cases a doctor's advice must always be sought


What are the symptoms?


The common signs and symptoms of a cystitis attack are:


    • A sharp burning, stinging sensation when you pass water
    • An urge to pass water more frequently even though there may be very little to pass
    • A feeling of not emptying your bladder completely