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Canesten Oasis For Cystitis Cranberry

Canesten Oasis For Cystitis Cranberry


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Canesten Oasis For Cystitis - Cystitis is an inflammation of the lining of the bladder. It can be caused by bacteria infecting the bladder (severe cystitis) or by non-bacterial inflammation caused by irritation.


Who gets Cystitis?


Any woman can suffer from cystitis but some are more prone to this condition, for example:

Younger women (who may be prone to more sexual activity)The elderly (who may be less mobile or have more difficulty emptying their bladder)

  • Pregnant women (whose body changes can make them prone to urinary infections)
  • Post-menopausal women (who may experience vaginal dryness causing soreness and irritation during sexual intercourse)
  • Men and children can get cystitis too, but this is much less common, and in such cases a doctor's advice must always be sought


    What are the symptoms?


    The common signs and symptoms of a cystitis attack are:

    A sharp burning, stinging sensation when you pass water
  • An urge to pass water more frequently even though there may be very little to pass
  • A feeling of not emptying your bladder completely

Canesten Oasis works by quickly reducing the acidity level in the urine that make it painful to pass water. It provides fast, effective relief from the symptoms of burning pain and the need to go the toilet more frequently and you should start to feel relief in a few hours.