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Down turned mouths Treatment

What is a down turned mouth?

A down turned mouth is the result of our skin losing Elastin & Collagen, These two proteins in the skin help to maintain the youthful look. As a result of these two proteins being lost the skin loses its firmness and begins to sag. As a direct result of this the corners of the mouth begin to droop and sag. Unfortunately this is a result of ageing skin however some environmental factors are also at work. Another key factor would be genetics.

Can you prevent Downturned Mouth?

Unfortunately Downturned mouths will affect most people, this is due to the reasoning behind Downturned Mouths which is explained above. Due to Downturned mouths being a direct result of the skins lose of Elastin & Collagen due to the skins natural ageing process. There is some things that you can do to reduce this some examples of this are; Protecting yourself from UV rays by wearing high factor sunblocks, Reducing stress in your life, Having good facial care, Using a good moisturer. These are all factors that can help reduce the lose of Collagen & Elastin.

Down Turned Mouth Frequently Asked Questions

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