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Care + Codeine Linctus Sugar Free 200ml

Care + Codeine Linctus Sugar Free 200ml


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Codeine linctus syrup is best used for the relief from symptoms of dry, irritating coughs. Codeine 15mg/5ml Linctus Syrup is a specially designed medical formula designed to give a two pronged attack against dry coughs.
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Coughing is the body's way of responding to an irritation or infection in the upper respiratory tract, especially the throat. In more severe infections, it is often an automatic response that the sufferer has little or no control over.

Cough can become really troublesome, both as an annoyance and a practical issue, as this problem persists.

While coughing is an essential mechanism for the body to protect from choking and help to clear the airways, it can progress to becoming a persistent and mostly unnecessary issue, even a debilitating problem.

In fact, non-stop, unproductive coughing can cause further aggravation or even damage to the already sensitive throat area and airways. In some cases, the best way to prevent unwanted coughing and throat irritation may be to use a cough syrup.

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